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Born in Beirut, April 5th 1982. Taught by the master of Music Theory Guitarist Joseph Ichkhanian. Developed musical talents by learning various instruments like Flute, Guitar & Piano... 
Majored in Literature at the Lebanese University, Cyril launched his career as a Junior Copywriter. Moved to Dubai in 2005. 
Led Multinational clients as a Creative Director, the likes of L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Nestle & McDonald's. 
In Parallele, Cyril started Djing in low profile clubs in Dubai, leading his way to fame by landing the gig that changed everything and triggered the move to New York. The Dj residency at CLE DUBAI was the shot to Fame, teaming up with the godfather of the nightlife Scene and head of DNA event ALEX MIR, Amir Ghaffarpour and many others. 
Dubai was just the beginning, with gigs rocking the crowd from California to Arizona, Athens, Rome, Venice, Florence, Beirut and Finally New York. 
Cyril currently is the owner of Octopus Labs Inc, a company that provides both Creative and Entertainment Services all over the United States of America and the Middle East. 

DJ Residency: 

1- Sublime Club - Dubai

2- Atelier M - Dubai 

3- Cle Dubai - DIFC 

4- Dusty's Dubai - DIFC

5- Vida Hotel - Downtown Dubai

6- Muze - Downtown Dubai 


International Gigs: 

1- Gu Bar Tabla - Cairo, Egypt 

2- Club 13 - Beirut, Lebanon

3- Zinc Club  - Beirut, Lebanon 

4- Dome Resort - Santorini, Greece 

5- Tholos Resort - Santorini, Greece 

6- Castel Brando - Venice, Italy 

7- Westin Kierland - Scottsdale, USA 

8- Edde Sands - Jbeil, Lebanon 

9- Evo - Scottsdale, USA

10- The Venetian, Las Vegas, USA 

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